Our Program

The B­—CSC was established to provide opportunities for artists to creatively engage with Australia’s Alpine National Park, a region renowned for its remoteness, unique ecology and intemperate climate. The Australian Alps produces 80% of Australia’s fresh water supply yet only comprises one percent of its landmass. While the bulk of it is designated as national park, the Australian Alps are also the site of quite complex industrial and commercial enterprises including alpine resorts and hydroelectric power schemes. Hydroelectricity is posited as a sustainable source of renewable energy. Through massive earthworks and complex technical infrastructure, pressurized water is mobilized to generate the electricity required to power the everyday spaces that we inhabit. The range of infrastructure used to exploit the gravitational force of falling or flowing water including turbines, pumps, sub stations, dams and aqueducts and the manner in which they inhabit the natural environment provides a rich source for investigation for a wide range of artists. The relationship between the natural and constructed environment used to collect and exploit this water supply is quite complex and variegated, providing a compelling subject for consideration given the current discourse surrounding sustainable methods of energy production.

Image–Geoff Robinson