Bridget Chappell






Bridget Chappell is an artist and organiser based in multiple locations on stolen land. They make and DJ dance music as Hextape, modern classical music and sound installations as themselves, organise raves, and write essays about their significance. They founded and run Melbourne Sound School, an overactive program centering marginalised voices in electronic music, and work with young musicians behind bars. Their work is often data-driven, informed by field research\recording and\or skin in the game. Current works focus on the electromagnetic musicality of Victoria’s hydro-electric schemes, and experimental sound technologies to challenge police sirens. Recent works include ‘Undertow’, a work of sonification for the City of Melbourne about the colonisation of its waterways; ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ EP, rave series and pirate radio station, and ‘Gapala Bawaka: Timmy Burarrwanga on Yolngu & Makassan Exchange’ podcast.