Charinthorn Rachurutchata

Entry #2


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  • I saw her.
  • Running in front of me,
  • laughing and smiling to me.

  • I saw her.
  • A little girl from my childhood dream.

  • She’s there.
  • In every step I walk around the village, hearing the kids playing in the school playground.
  • She’s there.
  • Between those dancing leaves and behind these blowing grass.
  • She’s there.
  • In the fairy mystery night when I’m alone and fear the forest and darkness.

  • And she’s also there.
  • In the past story of Bogong school and village.
  • In those day when there was a milkman who will poured milk in every little saucepan in the kitchen if you forget to put a milk - - can in front of your door.
  • In those day when kids of Bogong school were dancing around the pole with colourful ribbons.
  • She’ there, looking laughing and smiling to me.

  • And I longing to bring her back to life.
  • I’m dying to draw her hair and paint her friends and make a story of her.

  • She is the voice of innocence that has been lost.
  • She is the story and words that has been desired.
  • She is my youth and my childhood.
  • She is me.

  • I come here and found her.