Charinthorn Rachurutchata

Entry #3


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  • How will you remember Bogong, a small little village at the far end of the world?
  • Will you remember the sound of the kookaburra bird singing like a man laughing from somewhere far in the mountain?
  • Will you remember the walk around the lake, looking at the sun set on top of the mountain while listen to water running?
  • Will you remember those rabbits jumping out from nowhere and running away into the bush?
  • Will you remember all those sound and all those footsteps?
  • What will you see when you close your eyes and dream of Bogong?
  • How will you remember?

  • ……………..

  • Time fly.
  • Even though the day is longer because of the sun I work harder in summer.
  • But just in an eye's blink, it’s been already 2 weeks in Bogong.

  • Walk down to sit by the lake almost everyday never boring.
  • Walk alone on the Lake Guy walking track around the lake and see the whole mountain area from far is really inspiring.
  • Having time to be with yourself in nature, slowly walking to look and hear all the natural surroundings is a blessing.

  • The time I spend here, slowly inspiration and story come to me. Every step I walked here took me further and further from the present and - leads me to my lost memories.

  • The mountain, the village, the lake, the birds, the river current, the gum tree and white burnt trees on top of the mountain, it’s all about everything here that took me back to myself.

  • But time flies.
  • Now I’m packing my bag.
  • Leaving the fairy mountain.
  • Leaving a little girl who I once looked into her eyes, took her hand danced with her and found that she is me.

  • Will I forget her and all these dreams that once happen to me in the mid summer of Bogong.
  • Like those everlasting daisy I hold in my hand, I will remember.
  • I shall remember.

  • Time flies.
  • I’m leaving my dream and going back to my reality.
  • I ‘m going to the future to bring back the past.

  • The new step to walk through is waiting ahead.

  • ……………….

  • “Please Mr. Wallace please don’t tell me this is just a dream!”
  • “Oh dear what a cute little creature you are asking this question!
  • Well I will tell you one thing my dear. Now is real. Nothing will be more real than Now!”