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Entry #2


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Launching into the second week of my residency, I find myself consolidating ideas and at the same time, coming up with new ones to consider.
I’m meeting some lovely local people and was interviewed on Alpine Radio by Nick and Ken.

A piece is coming together. Different to how I first imagined it. An idea I had some time ago. The wilderness has fed this idea and contextualised it. My family arrived in Bogong last Thursday. A happy reunion, and a chance to stay in one of the Bogong houses for a few nights.


  • Collecting bags and bags of Gingko, Oak and Gum leaves.
  • My daughter and I build a nest big enough to fit me.
  • I’m filmed from above, lying in the nest.
  • Whilst leaves are dropped onto my body until I’m entirely covered.
  • It feels ritualistic and the experience is unique.
  • The leaves are surprisingly warm like a safe cocoon.
  • A second take ensues because the camera hasn’t filmed.
  • The mosquitoes come out and find my face and ankles and torture me during the filming whilst I have to stay still.

  • Does suffering for your art make your art any better?

I’ve been tapeing sounds and interviews on different devices, now obsolete, to emulate and evoke memories of times past by the sheer imperfection of the quality of sound. This alone takes me back to my childhood: creating mix-tapes, waiting with baited breath for my favourite songs to come onto the radio, pressing PLAY and RECORD at the same time and hoping the DJ didn’t speak until the song had finished.

At the other end of the sound quality spectrum, I’ve been recording morning bird song with modern sound equipment, watching Madelynne adjusting the levels and hearing the results…beautiful!

  • Leaves insulate
  • The small bird
  • Talismans laid
  • And now is the time
  • The leaves weep
  • This layer
  • This story
  • Soon over