Jesse Perlstein



Image Alison Schopmeyer

Jesse Perlstein is a multi-disciplinary artist born and based out of New York City. He has spent the last decade creating cross-genre works that often blend the mediums of sound, visual art, prose & interactive room installations, focusing on the confluence between fantasy and reality and exploring their inseparable tangle. The surrealism of nostalgia and memory is prominently explored in Jesse’s work—he is a self-professed collector of moments & an etcher of the shadows left as they pass. Through the practice of field recording, he captures and repurposes temporal ambience for compositions that include vocal accompaniment and sonic manipulation, creating surreal auditory soundscapes. His music has been commissioned for film, dance and installations.

His most prominent and acclaimed musical project to date is Sontag Shogun, an experimental trio where he uses sound collage and treated vocals to harmonize with piano (Ian Temple) & piezo’d beats and oscillator tones (Jeremy Young). This active group releases music on several labels, tours the globe and is often writing/recording new music for label release and public/ private commission.

He also curates a series called Braided Sound which combines improvisational ensembles with site-specific graphic scores painted/composed by Perlstein, himself.