Noé Cuéllar

Entry #2


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  • Burning questions (unanswered):

  • re: sound design

  • What is the minimum (rather than maximum) level of detail needed to create a convincing sound representation of fire, which effects vanish from perception when working on-site, and which need to mask with the environment in order to come through?

  • Are there objects in the phenomenology of fake fire? Does it become a burning object when wedded to a speaker?

  • How long does an imagined fire burn for, and what is its behavior?

  • re: response

  • What is the physiological response to an outdoor sound-image of fire at a site where fire is a threat? What does a sound projection of fake fire substitute in this case?

  • re: imaginary value and falsehood

  • Can a convincing representation of the sound of burning resist content identification beyond imagined burning objects? If so, for how long, and what effect does this have on memory?

  • Does listening to fake fire contribute to a burning desire for sensory enlargement?