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Entry #3


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  • Flickering answers (fire ready):

  • re: physical modeling synthesis

  • Shape a sound image of fire, favoring an (non-)object(ive)-like illusion over a dramatic arch or progressional development.

  • Avoid accuracy of image, setting digital artifacts only to outline impressions of fire (to let the attention of the listener posses the choice of illusion.)

  • re: masking and inversion

  • Determine fake fire effects on-site, within the masks of sounds of site (water, wind, birds, leaves falling), and filter them through a stand-alone wall.

  • (Fire is not meant to be heard up close / fake fire can only be heard mediated by the environments in which it does not exist.)

  • re: scale

  • Listen to various sized speakers to determine illusory scale significance between evoked fire and speaker size/fidelity.

  • Compose and superimpose multiple fires and flame motions based on speaker size/response: large booming fire, mid-size crackling fire, hyperreal candle flicker, etc.

  • re: creating an image

  • Flatten stereoscopic image into the presence of a wall and stare at its fake consumption (initial undulation of false image vanishing.)

  • Follow insignificance through: realize a field recording (falsification of false image.)

  • Follow relevance of insignificance through: broadcast fake fire (consumption of false image in state of vanishing.)

  • (“In presence of the image that dreams, it must be taken as an invitation to continue the daydream that created it.” – G. Bachelard)