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Sunday June 25, 2017

Pollinaria is an organic farm west of Pescara in the central Italian region of Abruzzo. The farm is spread across rolling hills and valleys and overlooks the Adriatic Sea some 20 kilometers away. Pollinaria is focused on preserving traditional farming practices, and primarily grows olives and wheat for oil and pasta production. Large swathes of the property comprise woodlands, although there is also an orchard of walnut, cherry and fig trees, and a small vineyard. The farm is located near the base of Gran Sasso Mountain, the site of the recent earthquake and avalanche that killed 29 people at the Hotel Rigopiano. It was the deadliest avalanche to occur in Italy since the White Friday avalanches in 1916. In the distance are the Marsicani Mountains, which rise beyond two thousand meters. The weather is hot and still with various insects resounding across the property, while farm machinery sounds in the distance. Various wasp nests line the interior of the 19th century farmhouse, their buzzing occasionally appearing from the roof to break the quiet. At dusk a large gale appears suddenly from the direction of Gran Sasso, violently transforming the idyllic setting. The cool wind gusting through various trees and fields - their shrieks piercing the night.

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