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Wednesday June 28, 2017

Today we travelled up to Lake Penne Reserve to record a mill used to process various grains grown in the area. The reserve is used for environmental research and education into sustainable tourism, renewable energy, organic farming, and the preservation of local traditions. The WWF maintains a bird sanctuary here as well. The mill has an amazing array of machines used to sort, clean and crush grain into flour. The din is extraordinary. The mill overlooks steep hills of wheat due to be harvested in the coming weeks. While walking through the yellow fields a squall suddenly appears from the direction of Gran Sasso. The wind quickly activates the wheat into swirling waves of brittle sound. It hasn’t rained here for months and the ground is filled with deep cracks. From the direction of the mountains comes a succession of explosions. Overhead the sky is filled at regular intervals by aircraft travelling to Russia or Croatia. We set off down the mountain with the wind growing in intensity. Everywhere trees and shrubs are shuddering ferociously – while branches and leaves blow erratically across undulating roads. Stark evidence of the recent earthquakes is everywhere – with large sections of the road in disrepair, or consumed completely by the landscape.

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