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  • Echo - Whisper - Murmur

  • The confluence of the Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley branches of the East Keiwa River flow into Lake Guy, providing a constant murmur to the picturesque valley of Bogong Village. Lake Guy’s dam wall ruptures the Village’s naturally flowing watercourses.

  • The town of Bogong is now, indeed, taking shape as field headquarters for the whole Kiewa scheme. This temporary settlement will only be a memory, its place taken by the town of Bogong, the office name bestowed on it by postal authorities. (Argus, 1940)

  • The lives of those who physically wrangled and harnessed a former wilderness echo in the stone edifices, paths and steps that facilitate navigation between the naturally steep terrain of the village.

  • I carted rocks to build retaining walls and steps and paths down the hill to the office. The results of our efforts can still be seen... (Memoirs, 1938)

  • Whispers and murmurs of former voices that carved out the hillside terraces and bridled the valley’s waterways follow me on my walk around the perimeter of the manmade lake.

  • When asked if he enjoys using all the new electrical appliances, he wistfully replies: “I miss the old camp oven.” (SEC News, 1940)

  • It is the autumnal blaze of red and gold that captures my imagination. The introduced Copper Birch (Betula nana) growing outside my bedroom window glows golden in the sun; a cluster of distinctive red spotted mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) grow in symbiosis with the Birch, pushing up from the moist earth in the playground outside the BSCS’ main living area.

  • The sombre grey-blue hues of the indigenous flora stand in contrast to the vitality of the Valley’s indigenous fauna: a male king parrot (Alistererus scapularis) with his distinctive scarlet bonnet and emerald-viridian cloak calls abruptly:

  • chrak-chrak-chrak…

  • The tiny Superb Fairy-wren (Malarus cyaneus) with its bright, deep blues sings a vigorous trill:

  • trrit, treee

  • The Australian Raven (Corvus corondoides) with its black, greenish-grey, purplish sheen sounds a strong first note - high, loud, clear, descending, fading to a deep, slow, muffled groan or gurgle:

  • aairk, aark, aaarh, aargargh