Common Ground

Research Project



Australia Council for the Arts
Mänttä Art Festival
Serlachius Museums

Common Ground is a transnational multidisciplinary research project undertaken by Madelynne Cornish. It uses moving image, sound and anthropological research to examine the processes and impacts of the logging industry from a social, commercial and environmental perspective. The project is a comparative analysis of two regions Mänttä [FI] and Alpine Shire [AU] where logging was established at a similar time and still continues.

Common Ground will leverage new experiences of the commodified landscape that further challenges our perception of commercial logging in Australia. Juxtaposing the contrasting landscapes of Mänttä and the Alpine Shire, will highlight the complex, and often contradictory, aspects of environmentally responsible forest management. The Finish component raises awareness of an industry using ecologically sensitive forest management in ways that protects the biodiversity of the logged forests. Presenting opportunities to reconsider normative practices in Australia.

Madelynne Cornish undertook a three-month residency in 2017 at Serlachius Museums in Mänttä to carry out autonomous fieldwork in Mänttä’s urban and wilderness environs. To read Madelynne's journals click here

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