Serlachius Museum
Mänttä Art Festival
Image–Madelynne Cornish

Muted Landscape is a multidisciplinary research project undertaken in Mänttä, Finland by Madelynne Cornish during a three month winter residency at the Serlachius Museum. It uses sound and moving image to respond to two sites located in the museum’s environs - the shoreline of Lake Melasjärvi, and a forest path known as Lemmenpolku.

Initially the aim of the project was to document the subtle atmospheric shifts occurring in the winter landscape over time. However, in the early stages of her residency the idea was expanded to include the monotony of the repetitive and the everyday. The catalyst for this came from correspondence Cornish received from friends in Australia. What she found interesting was that her friends felt their day to day life was banal while they perceived life in Mänttä to be exciting. By documenting the daily routine of inhabitants navigating the often challenging conditions of the snow blanketed landscape, Muted Landscape explores displaced experiences of time, place and environment.