Soundscapes in Nature - With Curious Creators

Quirindi, NSW



Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten
RANSW Country Arts Support Program
Image–Alison Thompson

“Soundscapes in Nature - With Curious Creators” introduces preschool children and their educators to new ways of engaging with the environment through active listening and soundscape exploration.

The project entails 4 days of activities, which include:

1-day educator’s sound-workshop, introducing them to “active listening” in addition to a series of technical demonstrations.

1-day children’s sound-workshop, introducing the children to “active listening” and other creative activities such as hear–tell and making devices for experimental listening. During the course of the day children transition from the classroom to the playground and participate in outdoor listening exercises and other related activities.

2-days of field recording in Quirindi bushland. An exploratory time in nature where Madelynne and the children will work together to document the bushland environment from the child's perspective.

“Soundscapes in Nature - With Curious Creators” awakens the children’s senses and attunes them to the subtle sounds of nature. It opens up a world of self-expression and provides children with new ways of exploring and conversing with others

“Soundscapes in Nature - With Curious Creators” is developed by Madelynne Cornish in association with Alison Thompson for Quirindi Preschool Kindergarten in NSW for their Collaborations with Children Program.