Assemble Papers
RMIT Design Hub

Supercast explores a sensory, embodied experience of the built and unbuilt environment. Sight is the most privileged sense when we think of cities and landscapes – but how do we listen and embody these spaces? How does architecture feel, how does it impact our bodies? Who is it designed for and who isn’t there? What does Antarctica, or Melbourne, sound like? How do you design for sound: from concert halls to the local pub? Does silence exist?

Supercast presents no demagogues, no singular voice of authority, but rather, a chorus and cacophony of sounds: a collective and intimate portrait of the contemporary world we inhabit.

In the first season of Supercast the Assemble Papers team visits Design Hub’s recent exhibition Super Field, using it to explore what it means to listen. Super Field invited audiences to experience some of the earth’s most remote locations though a uniquely immersive exhibition of sound and vision. Curated by sound artist Philip Samartzis and audiovisual artist Madelynne Cornish on behalf of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture and conceived in collaboration with Design Hub, the exhibition brought together 19 artists over four programs, taking you on a journey to the Australian Alps, the Kimberley, Antarctica and the Arctic, and beyond.

Listen to Supercast here