Topologies 1— CD



Topologies 1 presents an overview of commissioned sound works produced for the BCSC since its inception in 2010. Included are compositions by Christophe Charles, Byron Huang-Dean, Rosalind Hall and Geoff Robinson, which were created through the BCSC AiR program, and comprise direct responses to the ecology of the Kiewa Valley and its attendant infrastructure. Also included is a new electro acoustic sound work by Michael Vorfeld based on the manipulation of light bulbs through the control and variation of electrical current. This work is an elaboration on the series of improvisations he presented at Bogong ELECTRIC (2013), which were conceived in response to the nearby hydroelectric power station. Commencing Topologies 1 is a new environmental study produced by Philip Samartzis interrogating the intense and dynamic weather system framing the Australian alpine region. This CD is the first of a series that will be regularly produced to highlight the creative research occurring at the BCSC concentrating on the history and ecology of the Australian Alps, and attendant social and environmental issues.

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