Vancouver Art Centre Albany, Western Australia
Image–Madelynne Cornish

Wind is a research project is led by Madelynne Cornish that seeks to understand the social and environmental implications of wind power in Australia. Wind investigates the historical, economic, philosophical and environmental aspects of wind energy production. The potential of wind as a sustainable energy source is gaining traction throughout the world in spite of its impact on landscape ecology and attendant ecosystems. In order to understand the significance of these environmental impacts, this project will employ fieldwork supported by interviews undertaken with various stakeholders representing government, business and the general community to reflect a broad range of opinions. It will use this knowledge to formulate a series of new artworks designed to deepen the experience of specific issues informing the application of wind energy.

Madelynne Cornish undertook a six week residency at Vancouver Art Centre Albany in Western Australia to carry out autonomous fieldwork at the Grasmere and Albany Wind Farms during 2014.

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