Andrew Tetzlaff
Entry #2


Two weeks in…

And it seems that technology is struggling to keep up with the speed of Bogong. The bugs, which were nowhere to be found last week in the field for Jeremy’s project, have crawled into Premier Pro and are causing frequent crashes. Hard
drives and cloud storage have begun to whine incessantly as they approach their saturation point. Fair on them I suppose—they have been drinking like thirsty mosses for a long while now. Reliable gear flakes. Batteries die.

And in the midst of this, dramatic thunderstorms rattle the floors of BCSC and bring orange light and early evening rainbows. Temperatures spike to the high thirties and even the neighbourly cockatoos have become a bit more irritable.

Good thing the nights cool down and bring inquisitive locals.

Despite it all, I’ve still been managing to make headway on a few projects. Things I’ve learned from watching the Rocky Valley Creek: fluidity is a key factor to consistent motion. Last night, right before the storm and apricot skies I
photographed an extraordinary outcropping of rock, earth and root.