Anne McCallum
Entry #1



“I live in the clouds; reality is not for me. People say I should come down, that the clouds are not a place for a grown up to be. I smile at them, maybe one day I say, maybe one day I will come down. But I never will, reality is not for me. I shall stay up here – the view is breathtaking.” Author unknown.

Here I am in Bogong Village, up high in the mountains, surrounded by clouds, enjoying the views. I can hear the songs of the trees. I can hear them whisper to each other – what are they saying? How can I learn their language? Do I have the right to learn their language? I am not a tree. Yet, I am part of the network. Trees, humans, insects, birds, bacteria – we are all part of this network, this mesh of living. Life is like a network where there is no separation between “nature” or “environment”, or between human and non-human. We, as humans, are a part of this network, this community of life, created through our relationship with “others”. Here, in Bogong, will I find a place where I can find the balance and harmony and inter-connectivity of life? What will I find here, let me listen to the trees for a while and I’ll get back to you.