Daniel Lercher
Entry #1


So after 3 days of travelling and very little sleep I finally arrived at the remote Bogong Village for my 2-week Supported Residency at BCSC.

On my way I’ve only spent a couple of hours in Melbourne and was very glad to leave the noisy city for going up into the mountains. It was astonishing to see the various changes in the landscape on the journey to Mount Beauty and I got a very different impression of this country than in my preconceptions. It’s my first time in Australia and I’m glad to have the chance to get a small picture of the people and the environment through this residency.

The surroundings of Bogong Village are paradisiac and it’s an extraordinary place concerning flora and fauna. Acoustically it’s such inspiring that on my very first day here I’ve already recorded a dozen of sounds that I haven’t heard in any other place. Over the past years I’ve done field recordings in a lot of different countries but the soundscape here is quite unique and I’m very ambitious to dive into it deeper over the next few days.