Daniel Lercher
Entry #2


After being at Bogong Village for already a week now I’m starting to feel quite familiar with the environment and the soundscapes of this place. The days seem to pass quickly, there is much to discover but I am also trying to constrain myself and focus on certain places for my intervention at the end of the week. For this I have already chosen two spots around the lake and one in the backyard of the old school. I am going to install some of the sounds I have recorded here with the use of sound pressure transducers and small speakers that I have brought with me. These three installments will be part of the intervention-walk that is going to happen on Saturday. There will be two other interventions by my fellow artists in residence Sabine Vogel and Bryden Williams.

For me personally, it is of immense value to share my residency time here at Bogong with the other artists, it is very inspiring in a lot of ways. Together with our host Madelynne Cornish we are able to exchange ideas on our works and discuss different aspects, which gives us the possibility to widen the scope of our own artistic perception.