Erin K Taylor
Entry #1


tune in


I hear a constant stream of water moving where, wherever you go, high or low, it’s there building momentum on its way down. I hear a pump, constantly working away, as birds from all round fade in and out, the roar of the water escalates for a moment and is taken over by the moving and twisting roar of tyres on bitumen, it disappears and returns washing over in a doppler effect leaving the whirring of the motor. the trees rustle, a nearer bird enters. To the left an escalating glissando, a lower slower to the right, calling questioningly. Streams of water, banks of cars travelling all end up sounding like the ocean. Why is the ocean the constant ideal of that noise? My stereo field flits from front to back, left to right. A mornful crow from afar. Even when you look you can never be sure of the source of the sound. Now a car lazily slaloms down below.

At night it seems more constant in a way, or perhaps just more subtle in its variety. It’s easier now for me to pin point sound sources. Directly ahead of me there is one stream, to my left a dull roar of streams with more momentum. Frogs undulate to the front right hand side. A frog with a regular high pitch emerges, shifting down for a note or two, perhaps being answered by another. The lower more constant seems to rise and fall as tones fall in and out of sync. The stream ahead’s white noise is modulated in sine wave shaped peaks and troughs. I match my breath with it for a time. Urgent frog rises and falls in volume < >