Erin K Taylor
Entry #2


We return once more to explore the sonic properties of the wall. Riding the resonant frequencies of the monolith, oscillating finely between control and chaos, overwhelming vibration and silence. The bell tolls, its undulation now better informed by my time spent listening to the rhythm of the wind, water and wildlife. We too are (part of/one with) wildlife; forming macro patterns from a white noise like bed of flickering chaos. The recordings of this performance illuminate aspects of the way sound travels and is delayed through the space that it’s impossible to experience in the now.

In the moon-shadows cast by two figures carrying a Vox amp over the dam wall you can see the outline of our project emerging

My camera is no match for the rapidly flowing water, transforming the spurious now into an ever-changing series of still fragments. It’s options controlled by the path worn through the rocks by the flow that have come before yet remaining completely free and unpredictable/unknowable. Past, ‘present’ and future all at the same time, evading replication and repetition. Just as we turn the strobes to it, nature outdoes our wattage as electrostatic energy from the building storm discharges through lightning - it’s sonic counterpart separated and delayed by different rates of travel and perception allow the crack of the lightning bolt to reverberate through the valley, transforming/modulating itself into the earth-rumbling thunder we hear.

According to Brian Cox the energy contained in a human is equivalent to a lightning bolt. The number of equivalences grow as I spend more time here, the moth makes the same sound as the powerlines, the call of deer is the same pitch as a resonant tones of the monolith and through it all - white noise.