Fiona Martin
Entry #3


The end is nigh! I’ve been busy. This week I interviewed Val and Brian Woinarski. Brian started up the Outdoor School in Bogong in the late 1960’s and they lived in Bogong for many years. They invited me over for lunch and allowed me to interview them. What a lovely couple and a pleasure to meet.

We then went to the Mount Beauty High School and talked to the VCE Art Students about our respective practices and the students helped me out with part of my installation work.

Karen Wykes kindly helped me to download some interviews she conducted with notable Bogong residents and I have been enjoying listening.

I’m walking regular tracks around Bogong and feel that I know the Village a little better each day. I listen for the past as I walk the quiet paths and the whispers are revealed entwined around the flowing water and the falling leaves; the gentle white noise that threads each one of us together.

Just as I begin to fall into the rhythm of a routine here, just as the landscape is becoming familiar I see the finish of this time fast approaching.