Jungho Jung
Entry #1


On the way to Bogong the scenery was so beautiful. There were no homes but only huge fields. On the way there I saw so many dead kangaroos on the side of the road it’s a pity.

Here big and old trees reach out to the sky. The landscape is similar to Mt Jiri in Korea, but the trees and the atmosphere are different. It reminds me of Japan’s mountains in the Aomori district.

The co-founder of Bogong Centre for Sound Culture ‘Madelynne’ is full of high spiritual and nature-likes. When we walking on the trail, she talks about sound. “Human’s voice covers other’s voice, but nature’s sound is harmonious there is space for all to be heard” It was so interesting interpretation. I never thought about that before.

It was early morning when I woke and the rain was falling gently. It was nice music to start my first day of life. Being in nature makes me feel good. The trail was soaked with water creating a mysterious atmosphere in the bush. Nobody was in the forest only nature and I existed.

The pattern made by rain is rhythmical. I am trying to figure out how water patterns are made. I listen to hear nature’s inner sound. When I connect with nature, it gives me clues of how to creatively respond. It places me in a meditate state.


In Bogong village, there is a dam, which is built in 1944. It’s height of 25.9 metres and 121.9 metres wide. During construction it employed more than 4000 people, but now there are no people only nature and wild animals live near the dam wall. As I take this photograph the sun is setting, It makes a water of surface changing with red color. The reflection of reservoir shows trees hugging the water.