Jungho Jung
Entry #2


Falls Creek

The drive to Falls Creek is very different form Bogong village. In 2003 there were major bush fires in the area and much of the landscape was devastated. Many trees were burnt however they can still be seen. These dead trees are still beautiful when sun, shines on them the trees change to a glistening white. The interesting thing is the tree make a new life from the roots. The small branches lived together with the burnt tree.

Wallace Hut

This old hut was built in 1889 by Wallace and was used by the cattlemen of the surrounding valleys. Nowadays, the hut is used only as emergency shelter for hikers and skiers. Some of the surrounding trees are over 1000years old and they still look very healthy. But this area too was burnt in 2003 it’s amazing that these old trees weren’t burnt by the fire. I know why this place was an important shelter. This areas altitude is over 1800metres and has a heavy snowfall in winter. It must have been very important to cattleman because there was no electricity at that time.

Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley Pondage

On the way to Wallace hut, I saw this tremendous water catchment, which looks like a lake. But this is storage. It is comes from the mountain’s snowmelt. I cannot believe this because it doesn’t looks artificial. In Korea, we do not build in the middle of the mountain. How interesting! Probably due to Australia’s water shortage in the low lands. Rocky Valley looks like an ocean. If dragon is alive, he must be live in here!

In comparison to Rocky Valley, Pretty Valley pondage is tiny. The water in Pretty Valley flows gently. How amazing that the name in this area is so cute. Mount Beauty, the name on the town at the base of the mountains and I think it is the most lovely name ever.