Jungho Jung
Entry #3


Junction Dam

Bogong Village is very famous for Junction Dam. Many tourists come to see this giant structure. Junction Dam was completed in 1944. It was the first dam in the Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme and at its peak it employed more than 4000 people. Hydro Electricity is still generated at the village today. The artificial lake, just below the junction of the Rocky and Pretty Valley branches of the East Kiewa River, is one of seven storage points and operates a 26,000kilowatt power station.

When I first saw this marvellous structure it reminded me of Richard Seera’s stone installation. Junction Dam is astonishing, minimal and mysterious. It is composed of concrete but has aesthetic values. I am especially fascinated by the antiquated textures of the walls.

Photography is a medium that documents the world realistically. It also works as a reckoning, interpreting implications lent to the layers represented. What I want to do through photography is document the visible, yet allude to the invisible.

When I was sitting near Lake Guy, I suddenly realised that nature’s atmosphere is a combination of air, light, wind and humidity. So I tried to figure out how I could capture this beautiful dam. This region has exceptionally strong sunlight and nature’s ambience is so complex, entangled and continuously changing I had to spend long periods of time in the shadow of the dam to capture the colours of the light.

The word junction means linking, crossroad and joining. The Dam wall photos consist of many kinds of junctions. Through these photos, I want to highlight the hidden.