Kate Hunter
Entry #2


After breakfast
Cool in the annexe, but still humid outside. Overcast, with a green, liverish hue
Philip Glass ‘Mishima’
Small tiger snake, skinks of all sizes, Christmas beetles, black cockatoos. No moths.
Open minded.
Props and tools:
iPhone camera, small Nikon. Post-it notes. Index card system.
Quote of the day:
‘…places are made after their stories, and … place names are condensed stories figuratively embodying an encounter in time and space.’ Paul Carter (2009) ‘Dark Writings’, University of Hawai’i Press, p. 143.
Thinking about geography, journey and passage in relation to memory. How am I tracking my own passage in this place, right here, right now, and in what ways does it intersect with my ancestor’s passage(s)?
Taking photographs of photographs: trying to select which photographs from the photo diary I’ll set up and re-create, and considering if that’s even possible.
Listening to yesterday’s recordings in the dam at Lake Guy, in which I read sections of the photo diary encased in the beautifully reverberating concrete spaces.