Katharina Brauer
Entry #1


Bogong village lies in a valley and is surrounded by mountains. Therefore it seems to be a remote place. Woods and forests embrace this place. One can find typical European as well as Australian trees here. The trees have an awesome mix of different white, brown and green tones. The colour of the leaves differs from light green to mint green to a dark green tone. The air of Bogong is full of sounds. There are different birds singing from dusk till dawn, which compete in loudness: some tooting, some chirping, some singing. One can constantly hear the river, which runs through the village. It creates a floating sound and a wonderful atmosphere. The wind makes an absolutely fascinating sound. It seems to tell the people, who are staying at this place, its stories. It seems to whisper, to moan and sometimes even to shout, especially at night. Just up the hill of Bogong village lives a frog colony. The members of the choir give a free concert every night. Don’t miss it!

Driving around the region one can see great views particularly at Mount Hotham and on route to Omeo via the Alpine Rd. There one can see oceans of trees in different colours, observe their leaves shimmering in the sun and experience the wideness of the land.