Katharina Brauer
Entry #2


The Alpine Shire Region has a lot to offer: friendly, generous people full of hidden knowledge and amazing landscapes of blue mountains and green forests. There are numerous walking tracks in this area, where one can learn a lot about the Alpine Shire history. One topic that quite a few tracks cover is mining.

In the middle of the nineteenth century Gold seekers came into that area of Victoria and some of them were lucky enough to find gold. Since then several hundreds of gold mines have been operating in this area, some for a short period of time, others for years and a few still exist. Numerous signs in the landscape still show where mines existed. One can find brick walls hidden under leaves or chimneys in the bush, old traces between trees, even tunnels or shafts, which guide one deep into a hill. Some landscapes have been dramatically changed. But the bush overgrows most of the old signs in the landscape and just on some tracks one can still experience the fascination of those long gone times.