Klaus Filip

Klaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer. The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range depending on the project; that could be a noisy set with Chulki Hong or playing at the odor detection threshold with Radu Malfatti.

Listening to a “sine-wave speech” several times produces a very different perception of a fully intelligible spoken sentence. This dramatic change in perception is an example of “perceptual insight”, “perceptual learning” or pop-out. The main focus of Klaus Filip’s current work are sine waves whose subtle and variable sounds are mostly performed by him in combination with acoustic instruments. The installation Photophon uses the principle of Graham Bell’s invention “photophone”. It features a direct translation from sound into light, multiple lamp transmission of this light-signal and a transformation back into sound. There are no sounds in the room that can be heard without the aid of a specially developed headphone. Only 6 gently pulsing light bulbs can be seen transmitting different sound-sources transformed into light signals. The sounds consist of carefully selected field recordings and also synthetic sounds such as sine waves.

Klus was funded by the Austrian Embassy in Canberra