Leahlani Johnson
Entry #1


I stared at the ventilation grid high up the wall in the cabin for about 15 minutes. It was after around 3 minutes laying there staring, that I became conscious of what I was doing and it made me uncomfortable. Should I be making something instead or reading at least? The longer I contemplated the gridded rectangle, filled with regulated lines and hollowed out spaces however, I felt that this was exactly what I should be spending my time doing.

Noticing one aspect of the room made me appreciate others. A sunscreen bottle sitting on a plastic sheet surrounded by elastic hair bands gently curling and a far away light switch counter-balanced with the golden curve of a wooden chair. The composition of objects becoming apparent as the light from the window bent in across them. As the light of the day changes so too does my view and understanding of them I begun to realise.

I actually found a fantastic book all about light yesterday on the shelf at the BCSC, down and around a curve on the street from where I am staying in the cabin. The title of the book “Light: The Industrial Age 1750 – 1900” by Andreas Bluhm and Louise Lippincott. It contains almost all you need to know about light, from metaphorical to theoretical to more scientific discussions. As I read it late into the night however, I thought of two more aspects of light they could add to this heavy 242 page book. Now I only wished I had written it down however as the idea I had has now vanished.