Madelynne Cornish
Entry #6


Day 24 – Thursday 27/7/17

Weather conditions: 20degrees, blue skies

I travelled into Tampere with Kati and Ignacio. Ignacio was leaving the residency and heading off to Estonia to participate in a conference. As for me, the purpose of the trip was to purchase a drone. It's strange that I would be the one purchasing a drone. Two weeks earlier Ignacio and I had made this same journey, one of the intents was for him to purchase a drone for his trip to Sweden. In the end the drone was never purchased as the Swedish activists had one and were happy to share the footage. On his return from Sweden, Ignacio showed me some of the forest footage that the activist had taken. Upon viewing it I came to realise that the drone would enable me to capture a broader perspective of the forest. The footage I had been gathering didn’t give an indication of the scale of the logged landscape. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase the drone on the day, but it was ordered.

Day 26 – Saturday 29/7/17

Weather conditions: 21degrees, blue skies with rain

I rose early and travelled back to Tampere by bus as the drone was in the shop waiting to be pick it up. I was delighted that they were able to get it in stock so quickly. The purchase was made and I had the rest of the day to explore the city as the next bus back to Mänttä was at 7:05pm. It was a leisurely day. I roamed the streets taking in the architecture, I ate lunch at Gopals, did some sound recording and then made my way back to the train station where the bus arrived a short time later to pick me up. I was itching to get back to the residency house and unpack the drone. I didn’t sleep that night as there were many YouTube tutorials to watch.

Day 28 – Monday 31/7/17

Weather conditions: 19degrees, overcast

After a lot of research I finally felt confident to take the drone out for a test flight in the museum courtyard. It was late in the evening so there was no one to disturb. I have to say the drone is pretty darn noisey. Early on in the day I had tried the computer simulator, which turned out to be an absolute failure. I had no understanding of what the controls were doing. I figure the courtyard would be a good testing ground as there was nothing I could crash into. Hum, I was mistaken, after 10minutes of flying I flew it into a shrub and then did a crash landing into the flowerbed, fortunately nothing was damaged. It was late so I decided to call it a night, I went back to the residency house and whiled away a few more hours watching YouTube tutorials whilst mucking around with the drone settings. Monday wasn’t all about the drone. I cycled down to Kinnaskoski Oy , which is a saw mill about 12kms from Mänttä. There I got some good recordings of the Nordautomation, a log sorting machine.

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