Madelynne Cornish
Entry #9


I am now in my final month of my residency. It's been great having an extended period of time to focus on my art practice. I spend a good portion of the day working on my projects. When it's raining I record one of Serlachius Museums' plant rooms. When the conditions are dry I go out on location and film one of the five forests I have chosen to focus on. The weather has shifted somewhat, on Friday and this morning the museum’s grounds were blanketed with a thick fog. I would like to film the forested blanketed by fog with the drone, but I’m a little weary about doing this. My drone is white and I’m concerned that I may not spot it once it’s in flight 25 meters off the ground. When I return to Australia there are a few key items that I will be purchasing, additional batteries and battery charger [car] + a high visibility [drone] skin. Because I’m flying in forests and at an altitude of 25meter to ensure I clear the trees there are times when the drone is out off sight for minutes, which can be a little unsettling. My flying skills have improved immensely, however I’m still a little jerky when it comes to landing. Today I came to realise that drone records in blocks of 5min 27sec and then it starts a new sequence, which seems a little odd.

One of the most interesting things I saw last week was the road receiving a new coat of asphalt. I set up my recorder and documented the procession of machines as they passed. It took 24minutes for the mechanical ensemble to pass and as it did so it hissed and groaned.

In regard to recording the museums’ plant rooms I have to say the sounds in the Gösta Museum's old building are far more interesting then in the museum's new pavilion. The new building is so quiet, and the machines are so well insulated they don’t sing as beautifully as those in the old building. My favourite plant room is Gösta Museum [old building] roof plant room 1.

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