Melissa Deerson
Entry #2


Notes: part 2

Water up past the two big willows
island far off in the distance, moved into the middle of the lake, just the tip showing
The lawn runs under the surface,
looks like one of those medieval paintings, hortus conclusus, flattened and magnified
or the sugar jar I used to love, daisy in a dome of clear resin.
I rescue three moths, two with my hands and one with a stick
a thunderstorm creeps in.
dam wall has trickles of water sliding down its slidey curved back, overflow

Strange smell of roses rolling down the side of the mountain
Two deer looking like stocky donkeys cough in alarm, or more a harrumphing throat clear
canter down the track
Little piggy hoofprints in the gritty wet mud
Getting cocky, clatter across river rocks and ignore the bridge
a big black snake throws itself away from me, tail flipping up into the air as it rounds over a big smooth stone and disappears. I feel bad for disturbing its spot on the warm rocks;
sun's gone and they won't heat up again today.
Later, M tells me she saw a corgi in the forest,
royal orange cobby body standing at the stream
the weirdest thing.
Called here boy and it looked around turned tail scampered up the hill