Melissa Deerson
Entry #3


Three young men yelling 'MELLOW' over and over again, in a sing song way,
finally a big dog comes running and they put it on a leash
Water has receded probably 30 metres or more
I can sit on the stump that was completely covered yesterday, all the lawn around seems untouched, unconcerned, like it was never submerged, maybe plants take longer to drown
The island is almost within mooring distance, bobbed up again, flanks reexposed
Wind is pushing lake ripples across my vision, the island starts to slide in the opposite direction, slug or tank-like, its bottom oozing along while the top stays still
Smells like the sea around here

The doldrums
S.W. says everything should happen without distinction but i'm not sure

Lip syncing to the mouthing of the water on the rocks

Some kind of delicious BBQ on the island
invite everyone
But really it's a test
to see if it shrugs us off

Recording: 01:42
the sawing of wood

Attempt to get to the island in gumboots
Attempt to get to the island on stilts
Attempt to get to the island with a pole vault fashioned from a small tree

Recording: 07:56
the island to home in water-filled gumboots

aside: collection of local names

le blanc


order of events: the island
the crossing
the ascension
the finding of a spot free of thistles
the laying of the picnic blanket
the coiling of the newspaper
the arranging of the dry wood
the striking of the matches
the coaxing of the fire
the discussing of the explanations to authorities
the toasting of the marshmallows
the rejecting of the marshmallows by persons who shall remain unnamed
the reading of the poem
the sitting on the whale
the drinking of the stout
the fading of the light
the pondering as to the best route down
the extinguishing
the descent
the stars