Peter Blamey

Image: Jenn Brewer

Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist. His work explores themes of sound and energy, and the reimagining of technology. His practice is typically grass roots, and frequently involves establishing interactions between disparate everyday technologies in order to produce performances, artworks and installations that investigate the relationships between people, technologies and their environments, and question accepted notions of connectivity, variability and usefulness.

In 2014 Peter took part in the Instrument Builders Project, a collaboration between Australian and Indonesian artists, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and also at the NGV in Melbourne. His work has been exhibited at Artspace, SNO, Serial Space, ICAN, Hardware, West Space, Merry Crisis, and iCAN (Indonesia). He has also performed extensively over the last sixteen years, including festivals such as Avantwhatever, What is Music, Electrofringe, Liquid Architecture, the NOWnow, Cementa_13 & 15, and ISEA, along with countless other shows. Peter is also one half of ‘fierce sound’ duo Hard Hat, with vocalist Kusum Normoyle.