Rohan Hutchinson


My first four days were led by the Mountain safety collective backcountry report, focusing on the unusual start of the winter season. The snowpack instability in this first week has been anything but normal, recent heavy snowfalls, and daily rising temperatures have weakened the bond in the pack, presenting an unusual start to the winter season.

The images I captured this week were in locations accessed via backcountry skis with skins, images that begin to showcase the varied terrain of FallsCreek, and its surrounding environment, exploring the narrative to be forecasted within my residency, reading the landscape through multiple signs.

What I’m finding interesting within this first week is how the form of the landscape is heavily-based on temperature fluctuations, controlled by light. To further explain, the visual presentation of the rise and fall of the landscape is not only dictated by the incline of the slope but by multiple factors, i.e wind, snowdrifts and solar activity throughout the day. A representation of angle, that is very different than the summer season.

This coming week I’ll keep an eye on the weather and continue to monitor the forecast, using this data as a precedent, I’ll then determine areas in which to access, further exploring ways in which to read and post-residency, present the landscape.