Sabine Vogel
Entry #1


The journey to Bogong Village was very nice. To observe the slow change of the landscape from dried out bush to more and more green hills with brown white spotted cows. Coming from the bavarian country side I almost felt like being „home“. This feeling got even stronger when I had my first breakfast on the porch of our cottage. A beech tree, a spruce, a sycamore didn’t give me the feeling of being in Australia. Just the sound, especially the birds are so different!!! Madelynne later explained some of the history of this place, the company who built the village created european gardens for the workers of the dam who were predominately european migrants.

Later walking through the area this little guy proved to me that I was indeed in Australia!

Outside of the village is a gum tree forest this is proof as well. The smell of the trees in the heat is sweet and fine. Gum trees shed their bark, lying all around on the ground it inspires me to create some sound experiments with it.