Image–Jungho Jung

CURRENT brings together a mix of disciplines including sound art, video art and photography to document the effects of change upon the Australian Alps by charting the natural, social and industrial history of the region. CURRENT focuses on the Kiewa Hydro Scheme and draws on themes of environmental sustainability, environmental art, sonic and spatial practice, and soundscape ecology.

Co-curated by Madelynne Cornish & Philip Samartzis, CURRENT features leading national and international artists exploring issues of sustainability in innovative ways using a range of audio, audio-visual and photographic methods to describe the industrialised landscape of the Bogong High Plains and Kiewa Valley. By considering different facets of the Kiewa hydro scheme and its attendant relationship to alpine ecology and climate, CURRENT will provide audiences with a new understanding of the industrial history of the Victorian Alps.

Murray Arts Museum Albury
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