The Ecology of Place

Image–Emily Richardson

The Ecology of Place is a program of spatial-sound cinema events curated by Madelynne Cornish, Byron Huang-Dean and Matthew Berka. The presented works explore methods of representation used to render the natural and built environment. They draw from the areas of experimental film and documentary, sensory ethnography, acoustic ecology, electroacoustic composition and phonography. Within the framework of sound and moving image, these artists interrogate the social, material and environmental ecologies of the spaces we inhabit, furthering discussions of site, experience and the everyday within a cinematic context.

The program brings together newly commissioned sound compositions and moving image artworks from both established and emerging Australian and International artists, whose approaches range from the sensory to the social. Each artist contributes a unique perspective on local cities, suburbs, rural and remote wilderness locations. They provide a divergent set of responses to how we inhabit, engage and experience our environment and examine the ways in which ideas of place emerge, converge and re-form.

The Ecology of Place is supported by the City of Melbourne and RMIT University